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Ambi–Aqua is a superior glass roof product in the Ambience range with exceptional heat reflection capabilities. This highperformance glass reflects 78% of the sun’s heat, reducing the internal temperature of a conservatory, particularly with a south facing aspect, by up to 9°C during the hottest summer months.

Ambi-Aqua also provides greater glare reduction, thanks to its visually stunning aqua tint.

In respect of innovation and style, Ambi-aqua is the most modern and reliable glass roof option that can offer year round surroundings to live in.

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Product U-Value Solar heat Reflection Light Transmission Self–Cleaning
Aqua/Low E 1.0 82% 30% tick
Aqua/Low E 1.2 76% 33% tick
Aqua/Clear 2.7 71% 34% tick
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